Kanji Japanese Styled Biscuits

Introducing Bimbo Umō, the new Japanese style steam baked cakes and donuts.

Cheerfully light. Adorably fluffy.


The market test for Bimbo Umo steam baked cakes and donuts in Canada has come to an end.  We hope to have new delicious sweet baked goods available to you in the near future!


White Chocolate Coconut Flavour

White chocolate coconut donut White chocolate coconut donut

A creamy white chocolatey coating surrounds a soft, moist donut with shreds of real coconut inside and on top. And of course they’re baked, not fried.


Double Chocolate Flavour

Package of double chocolate donut Double chocolate donut

It’s twice as tasty, with a rich chocolatey coating surrounding a soft, moist chocolate flavoured donut. And don’t forget—they’re baked, not fried. 


Chocolate Flavour

Chocolate Flavour Chocolate Flavour Kanji

Covered with a rich, smooth chocolatey coating, it’s a true chocolate lovers delight. These donuts are baked not fried!

sku: 44444444

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Flavour Cinnamon Sugar Kanji

With a generous layer of cinnamon sugar, it’s both sweet and spice all in one bite. These donuts are baked not fried!

sku: 3333333

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    Osito Bimbo, our lovable bear mascot, was born in 1943 when our Founder’s wife added a baker’s hat, apron and a loaf of bread to the illustration of a teddy bear she found on a holiday card. Over the years, Osito (Spanish for teddy), has become the ambassador of our brand, representing our values and high-quality products with pride. It is believed that the name Bimbo was chosen because it reminded the founders of the popular game Bingo and Bambi, Walt Disney’s famous animated film.